NewsML is a method/standard developed by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) for packaging, relating, and managing diverse pieces of media. Currently, a second generation of this standard is under development under the name NewsML 2 Architecture (NAR). The basic goal of NAR is to provide a single generic model for exchanging all kinds of newsworthy information, thus providing a framework for a future family of IPTC news exchange standards.

The IPTC also maintains a number of controlled vocabularies, called NewsCodes, that are used to annotate news items. These vocabularies are publicly available and used by IPTC members as well as third parties.

Our goal is to help bring NewsML G2 to the Semantic Web. We have already taken the first steps to this direction, by expressing the NewsCodes in SKOS, as well as the NewsML G2 model (originally based on UML) in OWL. We have also developed conversion tools that convert NewsML markup and NewsCodes from their XML manifestations to their Semantic Web (RDF) counterparts.

Advantages include improved search capabilities and presentation/navigation options, integration with CMS systems and a wide range of possible applications. This can be a test-bed on how to bridge the interoperability gap between different metadata syntaxes.

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The research is partially supported by the European Commission under contract FP6-027026, Knowledge Space of semantic inference for automatic annotation and retrieval of multimedia content K-Space.